At ELA, we combine majestic levels of imagination with the determination and professionalism to create work that is as splendid as it can be. And while everything we do is thorough, innovative and exciting, we still pride ourselves on our good old-fashioned values: we're helpful and thoughtful; we listen to what you want – and we always wave the flag for the highest standards of service.
Best of all, we're creatives who understand how to translate your dreams into architecture. We know what budgets are and we think strategically. That is, we always try to do the most and the best with the least. We are experts in designing buildings and nurture the design through a Council and building process.

Tempe House

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Design Excellence

The City of Sydney offers developers a 10% floor space bonus or height uplift for entering a competitive design process. This represents a significant incentive to developers which, in addition to encouraging an excellent design outcome, ten-fold covers the cost of the competition process itself.

ELA can organise or assist you in this process. We are also keen to compete for work under a Design Excellence process.



We are methodical


10%in order to spend the 90%wisely. 


We understand that for developers in particular, time is the most important commodity.

However, for two reasons time is also our most important commodity.

Good design takes time, and considering the life span of a piece of architecture, a few extra weeks at the beginning is a good investment. Design sells.

Secondly, Council NAND approvals process is fraught. A clear,thorough, methodical approach often leads to a much quicker approvals process. No alarms and no surprises.. Design review panels, heritage issues, exempt and complying development, env protection areas, flood zones etc... can slow things down and get councils back up. We start from a point of understanding and analysis. What codes apply? What issues do we need to respond to? 

Fee proposal

Put essential things like Peter smith page 86 stuff like S149C etc under the line so not part of the fee.

We are comitted to the affordability of architecture and acknowledge that not every client wants their project on the cover of a magazine.We offer two distinct fee structures. We adapt our approach to the clients budget, time frame and architectural ambitions. Not every job is going to end up on the cover of a magazine and we acknowledge that. In the same way, good architecture should be affordable and so we work at a variety of levels for clients with a variety of concerns including private clients and developers.  
Our full service fee:

  • ideas explored through drawings, models, multiple design revisions. Multiple meetings

Our developers fee:

  • Robust design approach. Big moves. One scheme with minimal design changes. Set out drawings, material selections, 1:50 general arrangement drawings and typical sections.