House: Kingsford

Additions to a bungalow in Kingsford, Sydney.

This project is a great example of how patient, engaged and dedicated clients coupled with a challenging set of site constraints make for a rich design outcome. The design was driven by the desire to make friends with the steep slope up to the rear, maximise northern light and squeeze in a pool. The new pavilion follows the slope, stepping up the site creating three north-facing rooms each with its own courtyard, each courtyard with its own qualities. As the sun drifts east to west different spaces will become animated and we imagine the house being 'worn' in a variety of ways by its inhabitants like a favourite item of clothing.

Status: Construction will commence at the beginning on 2019

House: Leichhardt

Alterations and additions to a cottage in Leichhardt.

Working within tight physical constraints and within the possibilities afforded by Complying Development (Complying Development  = no conversations with planners!) this scheme strives to unlock the potential of the old cottage, bringing as much light as possible into the house to create a series of rooms with spatially and materially quality.

Our clients spent many years living in Tokyo and wanted their home to embody some of the qualities and moods they appreciate in Japanese architecture and landscape. Additions are built around a small north-facing courtyard which sneaks light into the heart of the house allowing it to breathe. The plan works hard to minimise building footprint, reducing cost and maximising the size of the yard. Custom hardwood doors and screens allow for many opportunities to open to or close off from external spaces where aircraft noise as well as noisy neighbours were a concern. A deep concrete roof garden gives something special to a new first floor bedroom.

Status: Half way through documentation with construction commencing at the end of 2018

House: Bingie

Eco-tourism development south of Sydney.

Stage 1 of the Green Pike House is now complete. You can see the existing structure beyond which will remain as the bones - albeit unrecognisable - for the next stage of works. For many reasons it was important to keep the existing structures, but equally important that the finished project was not compromised by this decision in any way, shape or form.

Stage 2 is now under way.

See House: Bingie

Public: Kings Langley Cricket Club and Amenities Building

Pearce Reserve, Blacktown, NSW

A new home for Kings Langley Cricket Club and a new amenity building for Pearce Reserve. 

Our scheme pays homage to the rich tradition of amenities projects in NSW, in particular the tradition of honest, masonry structures. Outside, it will be as rugged and hard wearing as a pair of old boots, earning us the right to create a spatially and materially delightful interior. At the scale of the park we sought an honest, sculptural presence so visitors felt they were entering a special place but at the same time wanted the two pavilions to sit comfortably in their context. The deep terrace, tiered seating and Club Room create a casual environment to enjoy the great game and we hope in time it will become a much-loved home for the KLCC. 

Amenities projects are a kind of holy grail for a practice like ours as they give us the opportunity to participate in the public realm and expose normal people to the qualities good architecture brings. It’s amazing that Blacktown have this kind of ambition and thankful for the opportunity. We're really excited about this one! You can see a couple of other recent Blacktown community projects here and here.

Status: Construction will commence towards the end of 2018.