Kings Langley Cricket Club. A new amenities building in Pearce Reserve, Blacktown, 30km west of Sydney.

We sought an intimate relationship between our two brick pavilions akin to two friends sidling close to one another and to the oval, sitting quietly and confidently in their context as if they had always been there. By necessity, the building needed to be as tough and uncompromising as a pair of old boots - but we wanted the interiors to offer an altogether different experience. 

The smaller pavilion houses "home" and "away" change rooms with hit and miss brickwork 'chimneys’ anchoring, animating and ventilating each space. 

A Club Room and Canteen are housed in the larger pavilion with its own version of the brick chimney scooping in northern light. The pavilions are connected by a path that peels off the high ground with bleacher seating stepping down to the oval creating an informal grandstand to enjoy the game. Side by side they sit, whispering conspiratorially to one another, finding their own formal language and points of difference within a humble palette of dry-pressed clay bricks and galvanised steel.

Seen 'in the round', we wanted the pavilions to be experienced as sculptural objects in the park that play with but also against one another. With this in mind we fought hard to resolve the buildings’ mechanical systems invisibly, made possible by the ventilating ‘hit-and-miss’ brickwork that hides them. 

Credit goes to Blacktown City Council and Cricket Australia for championing architecture via new procurement processes.

Due for completion early 2019.

Staff: Eoghan Lewis, Jason Goh, Nick Woolley
Renders: PLAY-TIME