Much of our understanding of people, place, architecture and construction has been gained through our research project the Sydney Architecture Walks (SAW) and in particular studying the work of Joern Utzon and some of his 'students' like Richard Leplastrier. This works for us in a conceptual and a literal way but also serves to deepen an understanding of architecture in relation to the city and the public spaces and projects that define and activate our public realms. Understanding the role of architecture as the great public art and caring deeply for issues around sustainability and performance married with the sensual, tactile properties of architecture - the affinity of materials, the care with which they are put together defines, we think, our body of work.

Sydney Architecture Walks

The practice offers architecture tours in Sydney, guided by architects, through the Sydney Architecture Walks.

Returning to Australia in 1997 after three years living and working in Berlin, Eoghan founded the Sydney Architecture Walks in 2000 in response to Sydney's complete cultural disinterest in contemporary architecture and urbanism. The tours have been running in parallel to his studio ever since, operating as the public side of a private practice.

Aimed at the level of the 'design-inclined' (we don't assume you know anything about architecture), conversations lurk beneath a guise of informality and are driven by a set of themes and threads that attempt to decode the city whilst stimulating new ways of thinking about and seeing Sydney. Trespassing recklessly across fields urban, economic, political & cultural - SAW tours offer an interface between in-depth architectural knowledge and the wider design-conscious community.

We invite you to join us on a tour and get SAW feet. It's a great way for prospective clients to meet us, talk architecture and get a sense of the projects that move us and the ideas we hold most dear. The SAW2 Utzon tour is a good start!