Unley House

Additions to a masonry cottage in Unley, South Australia
Our first completed project and one that reveals much of our concerns and sensibilities. As much subtraction as addition; small, understated, warm, liveable - and getting better with age.

A semi-detached brick cottage was re-worked internally with a steel–framed masonry pavilion added to the back bringing loads'a winter sun deep into a series of new living spaces. A Japanese-inspired courtyard with black bamboo and a small pond separates new from old and creates a cheery new entry. The new living pavilion is an open, free flowing but carefully articulated space; materials, roof planes and planning modulations subtly separate the different zones whilst allowing them to flow into one another. The northen roof kicks up sharply to maximise winter sunshine, whilst the south facing backyard roof has a shallower, more gentle pitch to the surrounding canopy of trees and to Marks new shed!  A cantilevered concrete bench seat hangs over a small pond which cools and moistens the dry Adelaide breeze before it passes through the house.

Materials are inexpensive and raw; galvanised steel, recycled brush box, waxed and polished concrete, bagged brickwork. The house is one to be lived in and enjoyed and has been designed to age like a fine South Australian red; elegantly.  Our client loves it so much, he even got married in the backyard!

Images: Eoghan Lewis